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What are the performance characteristics of fireproof tempering furnace

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  What are the performance characteristics of the fireproof tempering furnace?Next,Luoyang Shencheng Glass Technology Co.,Ltd.will tell you about it!

  1.Adopting the full convection mode,which is different from the traditional structure that strengthens the upper convection by adding a balance tube,that is:the use of convection+radiation mixed heating method has a qualitative difference,which fundamentally solves the problem of different emissivity bands on the upper and lower surfaces of Low-E glass.A series of heating problems.

  2.More heating zones are set in the width direction of the fireproof tempering furnace,and each heating zone is individually controlled,which can flexibly form various heating curves.

  3.Set up a reasonable number of convection units that can independently control the intensity of convection according to the length of the fireproof tempering furnace.The convection fan is placed on the upper part of the convection box to facilitate the balance of the airflow pressure in the furnace,supplemented by the spray nozzle and the guide device in the furnace,so that the pressure distribution of the hot airflow is more uniform.

  4.Through the built-in special optimization algorithm and the computer fuzzy control temperature module of the PID database,combined with the circulating fan frequency conversion control,the frequency conversion curve is customized,and the heating,constant temperature,heat preservation and other parameters set by the process can be adjusted to adjust the heater and fan at any position The temperature distribution and heating airflow intensity of the working state and the area in which the fire-resistant tempering furnace is located can achieve complex process requirements such as uniform temperature,multi-point heating,and local temperature control of the entire fireproof tempering furnace.

  5.Through the adjustment of convection parameters,the lower temperature of the fireproof glass tempering furnace can be set lower,so the glass is not prone to heating defects such as white fog and pitting.At the same time,the heating efficiency is improved,and the heating time is shortened.On the basis of the product quality improvement,the production efficiency is also greatly improved.

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