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Brief introduction of application points of double-chamber convection tempering furnace

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  During the heating process of the double-chamber convection tempering furnace,in case of glass fryer,glass jam or control system failure,the cause of the failure cannot be determined in an emergency,so some emergency treatment is required.

  Press the emergency stop button on the button box at the back door of the dual-chamber convection tempering furnace,open the rear door wrench with one hand,and press the DC button on the button box with the other hand.

  Observe the glass discharge,wait until the glass is discharged from the furnace body and release the DC button furnace door handle,then you can find the cause of the failure and deal with the follow-up work calmly.If there is no DC drive system,first open the door of the double-chamber convection tempering furnace,and then manually discharge the glass in the furnace.

  In addition,during use and work,the heating furnace needs to follow a temperature setting mode where the upper setting temperature is higher than the lower 5℃-10℃,and the middle setting temperature is lower than 5℃-10℃at both ends to ensure that it is in the effective heating area.The temperature difference of the glass out of the furnace is about 5℃,which basically guarantees the uniformity of heating glass in the double-chamber convection tempering furnace.

  According to the status of the dual-chamber convection tempering furnace and combined with operating experience,it is necessary to refine the maintenance and protection projects and cycles of the automotive glass tempering furnace.Generally speaking,the practice of performing maintenance once every six months and comprehensive maintenance once a year has achieved good results.

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