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What problems should be paid attention to in the selection of glass tempering furnace

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  As we all know,glass tempering furnace is not non-standard equipment,and it is necessary to pay attention to how to purchase tempering furnace.At the same time,in the process of purchasing glass tempering equipment,the plant area,production environment and power situation of glass deep processing enterprises are all To consider.

  If you want to purchase a tempering furnace,it is determined according to your actual production needs and future development plans.Whether funds are sufficient or not and the determination of the route of the later development plan will affect the selection of the glass tempering furnace.

  At the same time,the choice of glass tempering furnace depends on the local development situation,and a detailed market analysis is done before purchasing.The tempering furnace is heavy equipment and requires a lot of money when buying it,and there are restrictions on inspection and maintenance.Therefore,when purchasing,the overall performance of the equipment,after-sales service,and later maintenance are all factors to be considered.

  Here,Luoyang Shencheng Glass Technology Co.,Ltd.summarizes some key points for purchasing glass tempering furnace:

  1.The glass produced by the tempering furnace should be flat and have good granularity.

  2.The glass tempering furnace must have strength,its own patented technology,its own team,and factory area.Don't be fooled by some leather bag companies.

  3.The tempering furnace must be energy-saving.If you save 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity per square meter,you will earn 1 yuan more.

  4.The tempering furnace must be smart and easy to operate.Stop unnecessary increase in labor costs.

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