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Brief introduction of fireproof glass tempering furnace heating

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  The fireproof glass tempering furnace has strict requirements in the production process.If it is not operated as required,the performance of the tempered glass will be greatly affected,thereby affecting the use.Heating the glass is one of the important procedures in the production of tempering furnace.If the heating time is not properly grasped,the product performance will be affected.

  In actual production,the furnace temperature setting for thick glass production should be lower than that for thin glass production.Therefore,the time for the fireproof glass tempering furnace to heat the glass can only be estimated by formulas.

  Depending on the type of glass,the heating time setting of the fireproof glass tempering furnace is also different.For transparent silicate glass,when the thickness of the heated glass is different,when the furnace temperature is basically the same,the glass heating time is generally controlled at 40s/mm.

  When the glass tempering furnace heats colored glass,the heating time needs to be reduced in proportion to the increase in its heat absorption coefficient.Generally speaking,due to changes in heat absorption properties of ultra-white glass,the heating time should be appropriately extended according to changes.

  In addition,when choosing a fireproof tempering furnace,you should choose equipment with good forced convection technology,so that the efficiency of glass processing is higher!

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