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Why does the glass tempering furnace appear wavy

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  Why does the glass tempering furnace show wavy deformation?Next,let's take a look with the staff of Luoyang Shencheng Glass Technology Co.,Ltd.!

  It is understood that the glass tempering furnace generally adopts the roller tunnel type,and each ceramic roller has an interval.When the glass is heated and softened,because the glass has its own weight,the appearance of the wave is inevitable,but generally speaking,the reason is The wave deformation is relatively slight.If the wave deformation is more serious,you can check whether the following reasons exist:

  1.The thickness of the glass is lacking.When the thickness of the tempered glass is lacking,the degree of softening is greater.Generally speaking,the glass with a thickness of less than 5mm will be deformed significantly when the glass is tempered in the glass tempering furnace,and the wave will deform when the thickness is above 8mm.The degree is low.The heating time can be adjusted according to the thickness of the glass.

  2.Because the distance between the ceramic rollers of the glass tempering furnace is too large,the glass in the middle of the two ceramic rollers falls,which simply forms the surface of the tempered glass and the glass is severely deformed.As a result,the deformation spacing is relatively regular.In this case,it can be adjusted.The ceramic roller spacing is resolved.

  3.There are structural problems in processing the original sheet,because the glass cannot be processed after being tempered in the glass tempering furnace.If there is a need for slotting and opening,it needs to be processed on the original sheet,and for the original glass sheet with this structure,When tempering,the temperature should be increased appropriately,and an experienced processing master is required to operate,otherwise the fryer will simply appear in addition to the wave deformation.

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