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What is the suitable temperature scale for glass tempering furnace

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  Everyone knows that glass manufacturing is produced at a certain temperature.The glass tempering furnace manufacturers indicate that the residual stress in the glass cannot be completely eliminated.When the tensile stress is formed in the center of the glass at the initial stage of quenching,it is very simple to cause the glass to break.The glass temperature cannot cause serious deformation of the glass,so the furnace temperature cannot be set too high,and it is appropriate to be 60-100°C higher than the furnace temperature of the glass.

  Because glass has the characteristic of selective absorption of infrared,the infrared wavelength in the heating furnace should be within the glass absorption scale.According to the absorption spectrum of the glass,the wavelength of the large radiation in the furnace is recommended to be about 3.0μm,and the corresponding furnace temperature is set to about 700°C.The glass tempering furnace manufacturers indicate that the temperature of the heating furnace should be set within a reasonable scale and cannot be easily adjusted.

  Small adjustments to the temperature will have a greater impact on the glass heating efficiency.In practice,if it is necessary to adjust the temperature of the glass out of the furnace,the glass tempering furnace manufacturer indicates that it is generally possible to obtain a more accurate glass temperature by changing the heating time.

  The temperature of glass in the glass tempering furnace is between 600-630°C,so the temperature of most radiant heating furnaces is set at 680-720°C.Considering the relationship between the stress relief time and the temperature,the composition of the temperature gradient during quenching,and other factors,glass tempering furnace manufacturers indicate that the heating furnace temperature of thin glass is generally slightly higher than that of thick glass.

  In the glass tempering furnace,following the widespread selection of air forced convection heating technology,the furnace temperature setting of the convection heating furnace is 20°C lower than that of the general radiant heating furnace,which is more conducive to heating offline coated glass,and the E value can reach 0.02.

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