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Why pretreat the fireproof tempering furnace

Release time:2020-11-27Click:1208

  Why do we need to pre-treat the fireproof tempering furnace?Because the glass is(semi)tempered in the tempering furnace,internal stress is generated,and it cannot be processed.Therefore,glass cutting,edging,drilling,etc.need to be processed before glass heat treatment.

  The cutting quality of glass plays an important role in the glass tempering process.According to the manufacturer,poor cutting quality directly causes the glass to break during the tempering process.For example,when the cutter head pressure of the cutting machine is too high,tiny cracks will be generated inside the glass.These tiny cracks will cause the glass to break during the tempering and cooling process of the fireproof tempering furnace.

  The quality of edging is also very important.If the thin edge is of good quality,the glass can be heated at a lower temperature in the fireproof tempering furnace.As a result,the optical properties of the glass are better,and it is rarely broken during the tempering process.

  For example,compared with rough-edged 8mm white glass,it can be heated at a lower furnace temperature of 15-20 degrees,and after being tempered by a fireproof tempering furnace,the quality of the glass is better.(Waviness and edge warpage are smaller).

  In summary,the quality of pretreatment equipment also affects the quality of glass processed by the tempering furnace.Therefore,when purchasing tempering equipment,it is also necessary to ensure that the quality of the pretreatment equipment matches the quality of the tempering equipment.

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